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Plastic Transportbox Gulliver 7 102cm x 72cm x 76cm

129 €

The Guliver 7 plastic dog box, ideal for traveling by car, train and plane, meets IATA requirements with a wide handle for towing, including a food container, storage compartments and a removable plastic door. Especially practical: The Trixie Gulliver transport box has a food or water container that you can easily attach to the eye door. There are also two large compartments for storing other accessories. The front has a wide, stable handle, which is ideal for pulling the box. Equipped with food container (door attachment) Durable plastic box with metal door Secure, lockable shutters Blinds for optimal air circulation Ventilation position: ventilation openings on the sides and rear Color: dark gray / light gray Material: plastic Guliver 7 102cm x 72cm x 76cm