About us

About us

The creation of PETPLANET started already in 2013, when the owners of the company appeared a dog - Doberman LEGRANT LAND FREDDY FOSTER - which became a world-famous show dog. Finding the right food and accessories for pet, we found that there is no really good offer in the pet market that would satisfy animal owners with the best food, feed additives, accessories, etc., then the idea of creating a pet store. We also successfully implemented the idea in 2015, and the first pet goods store PETPLANET.LV was opened in Talsi.

Currently, PETPLANET has four stores - in Talsi, Jelgava and two in Riga.
Our employees are real animal lovers - they will help you choose the best and most suitable products.

The assortment of goods in our stores is created according to the wishes and needs of our customers.

We are the only distributors for the Polish company MACED Sp.z.o.o., which is one of the largest factories producing pet delicacies!

Petplanet.lv  love your pets!