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Josera SensiPlus 15kg

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Josera SensiPlus dry food for sensitive dogs with duck and rice 15kg Josera SENSIPLUS

- Complete Super Premium food with duck meat and rice, intended for adult dogs, also with a sensitive digestive tract. The food is easily digestible. The food contains a relatively large amount of fat and protein, so it is especially tasty and also suitable for picky dogs. Food promotes skin and hair health (zinc, copper, vitamins, unsaturated fatty acids). Inulin (a prebiotic contained in chicory root) improves digestion and absorption of nutrients. Also suitable as a special diet food if the dog is allergic to pig, beef or sheep meat, fish or soy, wheat products. After the allergy symptoms have decreased, you can continue to feed this food. It is recommended to consult a specialist (veterinarian) before using the feed. The feed does not contain wheat, soy, preservatives, artificial colors and flavors. Ingredients: poultry flour (poultry meat 12.8%, duck meat 15%), corn, rice, corn flour, beet slices, poultry fat, hydrolyzed poultry protein, sodium chloride, chicory powder, potassium chloride. Analytical constituents: Crude protein 24,0%, crude oils and fats 12,0%, crude ash 6,7%, crude fiber 3%, calcium 1,25%, phosphorus 0,95%, sodium 0,4%, magnesium 0,1% . Nutritional supplements 1 kg: A vit (E672) 17 000 IV, D3 vit. (E671) 1700 IV, E vit. (E 3a700) 200 mg, B1 vit. 15mg, B2 vit.20 mg, B6 vit. (E 3a831) 20mg, B12 vit. 100 mcg, folic acid 5 mg, pantothenic acid 50 mg, niacin 85 mg, biotin 950 mcg, Fe 200 mg (ferrous sulphate, monohydrate, E1), Zn 160 mg (zinc glycine chelate hydrate, E6), Mn 16 mg ( manganese (II) oxide, E5), Cu 20 mg (copper glycine chelate hydrate, E4), iodine 2 mg (calcium iodate, E2), Se 0.25 mg (sodium selenite, E8). Technological additives: antioxidant - vitamin E of natural origin. Provide the dog with fresh drinking water at all times. Manufacturer: Josera GmbH. Germany