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Josera Premium JosiDog Junior 18 kg

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Josera Premium JosiDog Junior dry food for puppies with poultry 18kg

Complete Premium food (croquettes) with poultry, intended for growing dogs of all breeds. Contains 79% animal protein, 21% plant protein. Contains LIFE PROTECT complex - A special combination of nutrients that helps keep your dog healthy and happy (High content of valuable antioxidants helps protect cells against free radicals. Taurine strengthens the heart, improves vision and reproductive capacity. is a natural component of articular cartilage). The feed does not contain wheat, soy, preservatives, artificial colors and flavors. Ingredients: corn, dehydrated poultry protein, rice, poultry fat, beet pulp, hydrolyzed poultry protein, minerals, chicory root powder, New Zealand mussel meal. Analytical constituents: Crude protein 25.0%, crude oils and fats 13.0%, crude ash 6.2%, crude fiber 2.3%, calcium 1.5%, phosphorus 1%, sodium 0.40%. Nutritional supplements 1 kg: A vit (E672) 17 300 IU, D3 vit. (E671) 1300 SV, E vit. (E 3a700) 160 mg, B1 vit. 10 mg, B2 vit. 15 mg, B6 vit. (E 3a831) 15 mg, B12 vit. 70 mcg, pantothenic acid 35 mg, niacin 60 mg, folic acid 4 mg, biotin 650 mcg, taurine 1000 mg, L-carnitine 200 mg, Fe 200 mg (ferrous sulphate, monohydrate, E1), Zn 160 mg chelate hydrate, E6), Mn 16 mg (manganese (II) oxide, E5), Cu 20 mg (copper glycine chelate hydrate, E4), iodine 2 mg (potassium iodate, E2), Se 0.25 mg (sodium selenite, E8). Technological additives: antioxidant - vitamin E of natural origin.